Mixed Styling Board Set

Mixed Styling Board Set


Set includes 2 Wood Boards:

- 1 full size matte paint (24x24in)

- 1 full size plaster marbled (24x24in) that you can use together or separately

Matte Paint and Plaster Marbled

2 colors available:

Almond  (1st and 2nd photos wih flowers on both sides and hairpiece)

Grey (all other photos)

Please note: The boards are handmade individually and you should expect variability on the color, patterns and texture. 

The plaster boards present a very 'rough' texture and muted color stains all around. 

All items are made to order and will ship within 2 weeks of your order


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Please note:

All items are made to order and ship in 2 weeks

We love that those boards are handmade but that also means you should expect them to be unique. Small defects and color/texture changes are expected