All-in-1 styling kit: The 'Taylor' (coming soon)

All-in-1 styling kit: The 'Taylor' (coming soon)

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This is all you need to build a perfectly coordinated styling kit!

All the goods inside:

2 x MEDIUM linen boards for a total of 4 colors (cream, rose, medium grey, light grey) (Value $222) 18x24”

1 x small plaster board (marbled grey - Value $85)

1 x The Mrs Box (light beige OR light pink OR light grey - Value $75)

3 yards of Silk and Willow ribbon (mixed colors - Value $65)

1 Notary Ceramics medium pinch dish (Value $18)

All the frills for styling: mini candles, styling blocks, handmade envelope (Value $35)

PLEASE NOTE: this is a made-to-order item and ships in 2 WEEKS!

If you would like any modifications or to select different colors for your The Mrs. Box please fill in the NOTES box at checkout.

Want to learn more about styling? The Styling for Creatives YouTube channel is HERE

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