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Our Mission

Styling shouldn't be hard - it is an expression of the design and our own feelings - a manifestation of our vision. As creatives we ALL have plenty of this creative force inside us and the shop is here to help you unlock your styling skills.

Styling is not a gift that only a few people were born with or some super power you can't learn and master!

Through curation of the best styling props, how-tos and a good dose of styling inspiration - Shop Romanticist is here to help you master styling and create a brand you love.

We believe in timeless styling for busy photographers, paper designers and creatives who want to stand out. We know you have only a few minutes before a wedding or between client work to snap great styled photos, so we make it easy for you - no more spending hours and hours searching for interesting props, no more paying $$$$ shipping fees, no more spending precious time away from your clients... one shop, one shipping fee, all you need to style beautifully. 

That is our mission and the little magic we bring to you...

Shop Romanticist Team


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